6-Year-Old Boy Suffers Third Degree Burns After Bully Attack


A 6-year-old boy from Connecticut was hospitalized after his family said he was set on fire by a bully in a horrific attack.

Dominick Krankall’s body is swollen and bandaged up after suffering second and third degree burns on Sunday.

Connecticut Boy, 6, Suffers Third-Degree Burns to His Face After ‘Bully’ Sets Him on Fire: Family

According to boy’s sister, Dominick was playing outside with other children in the neighborhood when a “bully” lured him around the corner. Dominick came back around the corner screaming and saying they lit him on fire.

According to the sister, an 8-year-old neighbor found gasoline and lighters in a shed nearby. He then poured gasoline on a tennis ball, lit it, and threw it at Dominick’s face.

Dominick was rushed to the burn unit with burns to the face and legs.

Police are investigating reports of four unattended children seen playing with gasoline and lighting objects on fire.

This isn’t the first time the alleged bully has put Dominick in the hospital. Two months ago, under the bully’s mother’s supervision, he was pushed into a wall and fell to the floor.

Police, fire, and the state fire investigation teams are investigating the incident. As of Tuesday evening, no charges have yet been filed.


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