8-Year-Old Shoots 5-Year-Old Boy Inside Houston Residence


On Saturday, an 8-year-old shot a 5-year-old at a home in Houston, Texas.

The incident occurred at about 12:30 p.m. on Denmark Street between 610 and East Crosstimbers St.

Houston police say that the 5-year-old’s father transported him to a medical facility prior to him being transported by Life Flight to Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

Reports indicate that the 8-year-old had also been cut on the head and was taken to a hospital in stable condition. It isn’t known how he sustained those injuries. The two children aren’t family members but are family friends.

Authorities say that no one has been charged in the incident, but multiple people have been questioned. At least one adult was in the home when the shooting happened.

An investigation is continuing.


  1. OMG…people ! If you own a gun and are NOT RESPONSIBLE enough to take care of it then you need to be charged,ANY adult in that home ehen shooting occured, needs to be charged, and the Dad yes, he needs to be charged also. This has got to stop, its killing our babies 😭😭😭


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