8 Young Adults Working in Call Center Operated by Cartel Found Dead


Mexico and U.S. officials have confirmed the deaths of 8 people who worked at a call center operated by the cartel in Mexico.

Between May 20 and May 22, the families of 8 individuals reported their loved ones missing after they didn’t return home from work. The individuals, 6 men and 2 women, all worked at a call center business office near Guadalajara that’s run by the Jalisco New Generation cartel.

Authorities say the cartel operates the call center to scam Americans and Canadians through conversations about their timeshares.

Last week, body parts in 45 plastic bags began showing up sporadically in Northern Mexico. It wasn’t until Tuesday that officials confirmed the deaths and relations to the cartel.

A motive for the killings has not been released, however, confirmed sources say the young adults were attempting to leave their jobs and quit working at the call center.

Their identities have not yet been released.


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