82-Year-Old Man Fatally Stabbed Inside 99-Cent Store While Shopping For Birthday Card


Authorities in Hanford, California, stated that an 82-year-old man traveled to a store to buy a birthday card and was fatally stabbed in a random occurrence.

Relatives are now mourning the loss of the man who was 23-year naval veteran, William Chartrand. He had gone inside of a 99-cent store when he was stabbed.

Ryan Washington, 23, was named as the suspect and was apprhended at the scene. He was placed in the Kings County Jail.

Reports indicate that Chartrand was simply shopping at the location, and Washington followed behind him down an aisle, attacking him for no reason.

Washington is now being evaluated for mental health conditions.

Authorities say that the victim and the suspect didn’t know each other and never had an interaction before this incident.


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