85 Arrested, $12.8 Million Worth Of Drugs Seized During 2 Year Undercover Investigation


85 people were arrested and over $12.8 million in methamphetamine was seized in a 2 year long undercover investigation.

The investigation, “Operation Flying Ice”, was launched following a seizure of only one pound of methamphetamine in September 2020.

From that, investigators learned that the drugs were being sent from California to Florida in luggage checked in on domestic flights.

At a news conference on Friday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd displayed 6 suitcases filled with methamphetamine. He noted that not a single article of clothing was tossed in to even attempt to cover it up.

Throughout the years, 268 pounds of methamphetamine was recovered.

The 85 suspects arrested were charged with a total of 355 felonies and 93 misdemeanors.



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