9 Year Old Sets Record Despite Physical Challenges


Ayla Duncan, 9, made history in three different track races, last week. After breaking the US world record, she is gaining popularity.

However, her success has not come without hardships. Ayla was born with fibula. When she was 2, she had an amputation to fix her lower extremities. This was done so that she could have a prosthetic.

Laura Duncan, Ayla’s mother, wasn’t quite sure how Ayla would do in the future. But, one day her daughter pleaded to her about becoming apart of the cross country team at her school.

She joined the team but was released when her times weren’t fast enough. She was terribly disappointed but decided to work even harder.

Her coach stated that she went from a “runner with unnatural form to a track star in no time.”

Now, she has qualified for the US Track and Field national tournament for para athletes.


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