9-Year-Old Student Suspended From School After Eating THC-Edible Candy Given To Her By A Classmate


Last Thursday, 9-year-old Amiya Hillary, was first suspended from school for three days. She was also going to be sent to alternative school. This came after she consumed a THC-edible candy that was given to her by a friend in class.

The third-grader is a student in Klein ISD, in Klein, Texas.

On April 28, Amiya was sent to the nurse as she was vomiting. Her mother then picked her up from school. When Amiya returned to school the following day, she located the wrapper from the edible. Students then told her that it was “medicated” candy, and it wasn’t for her to eat.

The teacher is said to have told the girl to just throw the wrapper away.

After several students began discussing the incident at lunch, one kid informed a teacher of what happened. That teacher told another teacher and that is how the school found out.

The principal called the mother while trying to learn about Amiya’s symptoms. As the Klein PD was there, the principal told the mother that her daughter had eaten the THC-laced candy.

Angela Rose, the girl’s mother, has said that the district “dropped the ball” as her daughter missed school on Monday for violating the code of conduct.

Rose stated that the district lessened the suspension to one day after they learned that Amiya ate the candy without being aware that it contained THC. Rose was told that the reason that her daughter was being punished was because students aren’t permitted to eat or drink items from the outside.

After a analysis of the code of conduct, reports indicate that there was no guideline against bringing these items in from the outside. It only pertained to a school bus.

Rose also looked over the code of conduct and didn’t see the rule either. She added that students were just allowed to bring candy for Valentine’s Day.

The district is looking into the matter but didn’t disclose which code of conduct was violated.



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