911 Operator Faces Manslaughter Charge For Refusing to Send an Ambulance


A 911 dispatcher in Pennsylvania is facing a manslaughter charge after refusing to send an ambulance to a woman in need.

Leon Price, 50, faces involuntary manslaughter for the July 2020 death of 54-year-old Diana Kronk. Kronk died shortly after her daughter phoned 911 for help but never received it.

Price told the daughter, Kelly Titchenell, 38, that he wouldn’t send an ambulance unless her mother would actually go to the hospital.

Despite her pleas and even stating, “she’s going to die,” Price told Titchenell to call 911 back when she was sure that her mother would go.

In the four minute phone call, Price also told her it would be a waste of resources if she wasn’t going to take the 30-minute trip to the hospital when paramedics arrived.

An ambulance was never dispatched to Kronk’s residence. She died the next day.

Price is also charged with reckless endangerment and official oppression and obstruction.

A lawsuit was filed against Price, two 911 supervisors, and Greene county as a result of Kronk’s death.

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