Police Chief Resigns After Asking For A “BJ” In Exchange For Dismissing Charges Against Woman’s Boyfriend


Kenny Payne has quit his job as the police chief in Plaquemine, Louisiana, after an investigation took place for several months, and he took a plea deal.

On November 25, Payne surrendered to authorities and bonded out with $25,000.

In court, he pleaded no contest to malfeasance. One charge was for requesting oral sex from a woman in exchange for dropping charges against her boyfriend. Another charge was for requesting that the Iberville Parish Sheriff drop his case.

“I know you’re willing to do anything to get him out…Will you give me a BJ to get him out of trouble?” Payne wrote on a sticky note and showed the woman.

Now, Payne must serve one year probation and can’t run for re-election.

Payne was elected in 2016, and an interim chief will be named for now until an election to fill his seat takes place.



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