A Man From Texas Creates Drinking Water From Air


Moses West, founder of Atmospheric Water Generator Contracting LLC, has created a way to bring clean and affordable drinking water to those in need.

In 2015, West invented an Atmospheric Water Generator, a machine that turns air into clean drinking water. Most of West’s AWGs are manufactured in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. One AWG unit provides a city with hundreds of gallons of water at no cost to residents. He has been working with the Water Rescue Foundation to cover the costs.

The AWG works by first taking the water molecules from the atmosphere. Then, creates a natural process of condensation with vapor from the humidity in the air. Finally, the water collects and is passed through a water filtration system then ready for immediate use, according to Spectrum News.

One well-functioning machine can produce about 1,200 gallons of water a day which can serve about 2,000 people with clean drinking water. The more humidity in the air, the more water is produced inside the ‘shipping container-size device.”

West has helped Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico. Also, has brought the machine to Flint, Michigan and the Bahama. If anyone would like to help, they can donate to the Water Rescue Foundation.


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