A video was released showing an employee opening fire on a vehicle as it pulled out of the drive thru of a Jack in the Box in Houston


The incident occurred back in March of 2021 when Anthony Ramos and his pregnant wife were in the drive thru line at the Jack in the Box on Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The two ordered some food that included an order of curly fries. When they received their food they noticed that the curly fries were missing.

Ramos said something to Alonniea Fantasia Ford, the employee that was working the window at the time, and another employee.

In the video you can see Ford become angry and throw ice and ketchup packages at Ramos during the argument. Ford is then seen walking away from the window and coming back with a gun.

Ramos then speeds away after Ford points a gun at them. She then is seen firing at least two shots at Ramos as he speeds away.

No one was injured.

Ford is seen cleaning up the mess before another suspect arrives to the scene and takes the gun away.

The suspect and Ford were both later arrested. Ford was initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of deadly conduct. She got a sentence of one year deferred adjudication.

A lawsuit has since been filed against the Jack in the Box by their attorney Randall L. Kallinen, who claims Jack in the Box was negligent for not keeping customers safe.


  1. Its not that serious to be pulling out a gun. People are just trigger happy these days. This world is ending. Satan is trying to take down all he can. Jehovah is speeding things up.

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