A Whole Police Department Resigns


Every police officer and the chief in Kimberling, Missouri, have left their jobs. Now, there are no law enforcement officers in the city.

They have said that the low pay rate and no resources to effectively perform their duties made them resign. Thus, leaders are now having a hard time finding new people to take their spots. This is especially since opposition against police is at an all time high.

The resignations began with the police chief on August 23. He desired more for himself and for the mayor.

Then, three officers and a sergeant quit after not having a clerk to help, no qualified officers, desiring more opportunities, and no increase in pay.

It has been said that some left to join another police force.

When many protests were carried out in 2020, it affected officers. Some were forced to quit, be held accountable for their behaviors including murder, and face defunding.


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