Affidavit Reveals 5-year-old Samuel Olson’s Decomposed Body was Carried Around for Weeks


An arrest affidavit shows Samuel Olson died weeks before his body was found in a motel. Police arrested Theresa Balboa on Wednesday for tampering with 5-year old Samuel’s body. Balboa was Samuel’s father’s girlfriend. Balboa’s roommate said she called him on May 10 telling him about Samuel’s death.
The roommate hurried home and saw Samuel’s body. Afterwards, the roommate and Balboa put Samuel’s corpse in a bathtub.
Days later, the roommate purchased duct tape and a plastic tote bag. They took Samuel’s body to a storage unit close to their home.
Police in Jasper got a call on June 1 about a woman at a motel.

Once in the room, the officers smelled an odor. Balboa was located in the bathroom and officials asked where Samuel’s body was.  Balboa said, “Inside the box.”

This comes after a challenging search that we are now know comes weeks after Samuel’s death.



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