Air Force Veteran Dies After Falling While Decorating For Christmas


Mark Roath, an Air Force veteran who served for 38 years, loved to decorate for the Christmas season. He was very particular on how it was done and took joy in knowing it was done correctly.

On Friday around 12 p.m. in Arlington, Roath was on a ladder assisting one of his sons with Christmas lights.

A little while later, his wife, Tammy, looked  around the corner of the house. She then saw her husband tangled in the ladder. His head was up against the ground of the driveway. She didn’t know what occurred or how, but she thinks he experienced a fatal head injury.

“I believe that he didn’t feel pain,” she stated.

Every year, these types of accidents happen around this season; however, that doesn’t make the pain any less for Roath’s family.

His wife is encouraging others to be safe while decorating.

“Don’t do it alone. Have a ladder that is stable and secure and appropriate clothing and tools.”


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