Airbnb Renter Stays At Dwelling For 500+ Days, Won’t Leave Or Pay

Courtesy: The Sun

An Airbnb renter has been accused of refusing to exit out of a multi-million dollar rental in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. After being there for more than a year, the renter refuses to pay, as well.

Now, the homeowner, Dr. Sascha Jovanovic, who owns a dental surgery office, is in a legal dispute with Elizabeth Hirschhorn.

Last year, Dr. Jovanovic rented out his accessory dwelling unit to Hirschhorn through Airbnb. Her stay was over last April, and she hasn’t provided any funds since then. Reports indicate that Hirschhorn says she won’t leave until Dr. Jovanovic pays her a $100,000 relocation expense.

Hirschhorn’s attorney stated that “she was not required to pay rent because the city had never approved the unit for occupancy and that its shower was constructed without a permit.”

Due to the multiple violations, the city decided that Dr. Jovanovic wasn’t allowed to force an eviction of Hirschhorn, whom he says won’t let him come inside to correct the violations.

Since Hirschhorn has been residing in the unit for six months, she is eligible for L.A.’s “Just Cause Ordinance.” This makes it mandatory for a landlord to have a legal purpose for evicting her. If no legal reason is validated, then the landlord must pay a relocation fee to assist the tenant in moving out.

It has been stated that the unit is subject to L.A.’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, providing Hirschhorn with much greater tenant rights.

For now, Jovanovic has halted all reservations for future guests as the legal battle ensues.


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