Airbnb Sued After Toddler Died Of Fentanyl Exposure In Rental Property


Lydie and Boris Lavenir, the parents of a 19-month-old girl, have stated that their daughter died from a fentanyl overdose. They stated that this happened after she was exposed to drug residue in a lakehouse Airbnb rental as they were on vacation.

The couple has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit. In it, Airbnb, the owner of the property, and prior tenants that held a drug-related party at the property, were named in the suit.

Enora, their daughter, died from acute fentanyl toxicity, in August 2021, in Wellington, Florida.

Airbnb has noted that the listing was new on their platform, and that no one had booked the rental property before the Lavenirs. They added that the rental had been reserved through another app which is currently being investigated by the family’s attorneys.

The lawsuit alleges that the property had been used for parties before the fatal incident. Days prior, about 12 people had gathered at the location and had been using cocaine, including fentanyl, inside of the home. This was evident through an online review.

The day that she passed away, Enora had been having fun with her siblings before going to sleep in one of the rooms. An hour following that, her mother discovered her unresponsive with foam coming from her mouth.

First responders came to the scene but were unable to revive Enora. She was later declared deceased at a medical facility.



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