Alexandra Davis, Who Says She Is Jerry Jones’ Daughter, Sues Him For Defamation


26-year-old Alexandra Davis, who says that she is Jerry Jones’ daughter, has filed a lawsuit against the Dallas Cowboys owner, citing defamation.

Davis, who works under Congressman Ronny Jackson, and her legal team, have made accusations against not only Jones, but also, James Wilkinson, the Cowboys spokesperson and Donald Jack Jr., Jones’ friend. She says that the three tried to depict her as an “extortionist” and a “shakedown artist.”

The lawsuit added that Jones has said that Davis’s lawsuit is a component of a divorce between Charlotte Jones and her spouse, Shy Anderson. However, she says that is untrue.

Davis says that she hasn’t requested any money from Jones and that he has had “malicious intent” to make her look bad.

Davis has repeatedly disclosed that her mother was given “hush money” so that she wouldn’t publicly disclose that Jones was her daughter’s father.

She is now looking to receive assistance for actual damages, special damages, punitive damages, legal fees, and future assistance.

Back in December, a judge ruled that Jones must take a paternity test. That paternity suit is expected to occur in April.


  1. She didn’t want money before but now she does? He never bothered to see her. He doesn’t care. She want money and always wanted me so just be honest about it! Hope she finds peace.

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