Allyson Felix Creates Shoe Brand Despite Nike’s Humiliation


Allyson Felix was showcased in many advertisements for Nike during their partnership. She voiced her opinion to ensure that other female Nike athletes wouldn’t be punished for pregnancy. In the end, the company told her to know her place.

On Wednesday, she made it known that her “place” is wherever she desires it to be. Felix has launched Saysh, a brand of athletic footwear for women, by women. The women who created and engineered the company’s first shoe, the Saysh One, are both ex-Nike employees. Felix and her partners raised $3 million in seed money to get things going. Not only do they want to make shoes for a woman’s foot, but a community. People who purchase the Saysh One for $150 also get lifetime membership in the Saysh Collective.

Her journey with Nike, pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood have altered her. She is aware of her place, and it’s wherever she chooses.


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