American Swimmer, Anita Alvarez, Saved By Coach After Fainting During World Championship


Andrea Fuentes, a U.S. swim coach, was able to prevent a tragedy from occurring at the swimming world championships.

Fuentes felt something wasn’t right when she observed swimmer Anita Alvarez, 25, go down to the bottom of the pool, not moving. The incident occurred during a solo free performance, on Wednesday, in Budapest.

The swim coach, a four-time Olympic medalist from Spain, jumped into the pool, fully clothed. She swam to Alvarez who was unconscious. Fuentes then put her arms around her, brought her up and out of the water, and let someone else assist her with getting Alvarez out of the pool.

Medical attention was provided to Alvarez, who had fainted. By Thursday, she was said to be feeling better.

“Watching yesterday’s medical emergency of 2x Olympian Anita Alvarez and subsequent rescue by Coach Andrea Fuentes was heartbreaking for our community. She gave an exceptional solo performance and competed brilliantly in preliminary and three final competitions, across six days,” U.S. Artistic Swimming stated.

Alvarez came in seventh place in the individual final.

Medical experts and Anita will decide if she will participate in the free team final on Friday.

“We sometimes forget that this happens in other high-endurance sports… Our sport is no different than others. Just in a pool, we push through limits, and sometimes, we find them,” Fuentes said.


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