American Tourist Says He Was Kidnapped And Left For Dead While In Mexico


An American tourist says that he was abducted and left to die, last February, while vacationing in Mexico.

Dustan Jackson says that he and his wife were in Cancun, and he called a taxi to transport him to purchase chewing tobacco as they waited for their flight back to the U.S. The driver informed him that he knew a location that he could buy the product from; however, the tourist says he was actually abducted.

Jackson claims that he was ambushed by men holding machetes as soon as he exited out of the vehicle. He added that he blacked out during the occurrence.

“I get out, and I’m like, okay, as I’m walking in…then boom, lights out. Next thing I know, I’m waking up in a ditch,” he said.

“They went to cut my Achilles tendon, and they missed. Instead of hitting it, they hit the bottom of my foot, and then my foot just flapped around. They were trying to cut all my tendons and leave me for dead,” Jackson stated.

The men are said to have cut up his foot and left him to die in a ditch. There, he remained for 36 to 72 hours. Jackson, who doesn’t speak Spanish, was later able to request assistance from other people.

“I was laying there, pretty much just waiting to die. Something inside of me, that strength came to me and said, “You’ve got family, you’ve got kids. Get up,” he remembered.

The injured tourist was finally able to locate a female officer who gave him medical attention and transported him to the airport. Jackson says that he pleaded for assistance from “hundreds” of individuals at the airport prior to receiving help from a woman from Africa.

The father stated that he has now had to undergo four surgeries on his foot and shoulder.

“My shoulders completely fake now. There is no more real bone in there. The doctors think that it is from him throwing me out of the vehicle probably,” he commented.

Even though he can’t be involved in physical activity with his children, Jackson has expressed that the incident will make  him never take things for granted again.

“I take the little times in life. I don’t take them for granted anymore. You just don’t know what life is going to bring you, so never give up. Keep going. Everybody has a purpose.”

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