Amy Cooper, Woman Who Called 911 On Birdwatcher, Loses Discrimination Lawsuit Against Employer


Amy Cooper is a woman who was terminated from her place of employment after calling police on a black bird-watcher in Central Park, in New York.

Later, Cooper filed a lawsuit against her former employer, Franklin Templeton, stating that she was illegally fired without an internal investigation.

On Wednesday, Cooper lost her discrimination lawsuit.

She had accused the investment firm of using defamatory claims against her on social media, as well, saying that the company painted her as a “privileged white female ‘Karen.'”

In May 2020, Cooper called police after an encounter with Christian Cooper who was birdwatching in Central Park. Video depicts Christian requesting that Amy place a leash on her dog. It was a requirement in the section of the park where they were located.

The judge in the case determined that looking at a recording of the occurrence and talking about Cooper’s behavior was, in fact, an ‘internal review.’

The judge added that the firm’s claim of bigotry is matter of opinion and is protected.



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