Anethetist Captured On Camera Sexually Assaulting Pregnant Woman During C-Section


Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, a 32-year-old anethetist, has been apprehended for sexually assaulting a pregnant woman. He is accused of heavily sedating the woman during a C-section in order to assault her.

Bezerra has been apprehended on suspicion of rape after he was captured on camera assaulting the woman at Hospital da Muhler in Sao Joao de Meriti, Rio de Janiero. His co-workers had been suspicious after they saw him give pregnant women a huge amount of sedatives. The workers then set up cameras in the delivery room.

The recording shows the woman lying down as the hospital staff starts the C-section. Soon, Bezerra took his penis out and placed it in the unconscious woman’s mouth. This was done on the opposite side of the surgical sheet. He continued the act for 10 minutes as his co-workers were less than a meter away.

“We inform you that an internal investigation will be opened to take administrative measures. The Hospital da Muhler team is providing full support to the victim and her family. This behavior…constitutes a crime, which must be punished in accordance with the legislation in force,” stated the Health Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Bezerra’s colleagues stated that he had already done two surgeries that day, but they were unable to record. During the third procedure, they were finally able to catch his misconduct.

They added that Bezerra attempted to move as little as possible so that others wouldn’t know what he was doing. He is said to have wiped the victim’s mouth with tissue after the assault was over.

Authorities are searching for any other victims of the doctor.

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