Argyle Fire Chief Suspended Without Pay Following FBI Arrest


Mac Hohenberger, the chief of the Argyle Fire Department, was suspended without pay on Monday evening. This came following a short board meeting in executive session.

A few days after his apprehension, three Argyle Volunteer Fire Department Board members unanimously suspended the 63-year-old.

The arrest took place by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Hohenberger was indicted by a federal grand jury.

The chief was accused of several violations, including taking about $500,000 from the department operating funds. This was done in order to pay for his personal credit cards and cash advances at casinos. It was also used to make payments towards a family company in Hawaii.

Hohenberger has pleaded not guilty. He was apprehended on Thursday and released the following day. If he is found guilty, he could receive a 10-year sentence in federal prison.

Hohenberger had been set to retire at the end of this year. Ricky Vaughn, his replacement, will take over in January.


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