Art Teacher Fired After Allowing Students To Take Topless Photos


Emma Wright, a 41-year-old former high school art teacher, was terminated from her job. This came after she allowed female students to capture topless pictures of themselves and other students. This included using bottles of alcohol to cover their breasts and pretending to masturbate for an art assignment.

Wright has been prohibited from teaching indefinitely. She allowed some female students, as young as 15, to take inappropriate photos.

The Teaching Regulatory Agency stated that the class, at Huxlow Science College, in England, broke guidelines, and Wright was fired.

Recently, Wright discussed her frustration to government officials, saying she will never teach again.

“I feel there is a deep injustice about it. I am a good person, not the person they are making me out to be. Those students were wonderful students…,” Wright said. She added that the TRA doesn’t have “a good understanding of art education.”

In 2018, Wright was reported. This was after a collection of a teenager’s work was seen by the institution’s head of art and design.

Wright told a panel that she didn’t think that introducing the students to the techniques was sexually inappropriate.

Wright won’t be able to teach in England indefinitely.


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