Authorities Halt Their Search For Missing Teen Scottie Morris


14-year-old Scottie Dean Morris of Eaton, Indiana, had been missing for hours and was said to be in danger. A picture showed him in a weird T-shirt and with a note that read, “I’m a liar.” “I hurt my lil brother” and “cheat.”

Morris had last been seen, close to 8:30 p.m., on March 16. He was said to have possibly been needing medical assistance.

On Monday, detectives decided to cease their search for him after doing all they can. They discussed meeting on Tuesday to talk about what the plan is now.

Many on social media expressed their opinions on what could have happened to Morris. They linked his bizarre shirt and his buzzed haircut to possible abuse that he could have been enduring.

On the contrary, authorities say that the boy’s hair had been cut in a manner that he requested a few days prior to him going missing.

Reports indicate that Morris had run away before. Authorities also say that there is no indication that he was being abused.

Morris has been described as 5’4 and 150 pounds with blue eyes. He had last been observed with red and black shorts, a white T-shirt with words on it, and black shoes.


  1. U know wat, again this sounds like a reading I’ve done and i have cards that speak of those words. Ppl can say wat they want but to use tarot to abuse a child is wrong. Ppl really need to take wat resonates and leave wat does not. Wat they done is taken things out of context or thought the reading was about them due to the discription. I see now that the person tha is holding this baby is delusional and possibly holding them in a basement of some sort. Plz let him go. He did nothing to his brother…thats just ur thoughts because u need help and need a better understanding and knowing about tarot. Hell im just now getting a better understanding. Wat i should have said was a family member of this child was going to misinterpret a reading and accuse a baby. I admit I when i first started tarot i was still learning and probably shouldn’t have put those kinds of Readings out until i knew more. Plz let him go. Its not him and thats not how the reading is. Kids are kids and they learn things from adults. If he lies its cuz u lie. If he cheats its cuz u cheat. And if he hits his lil brother it’s because u don’t show him attention and then again this baby probably just wants some attention the reason he did this. Plz understand tarot is not bad. I use it to help myself and others not to cause harm. This is heart breaking and i pray for his safe return. I hope this helps

  2. Again i feel like he might be being held up in a basement or cave of some sort. Manipulation/control is at play

  3. Yea whoever got him felt like they was doiythe world a favor. This person is very delusional. May can be found around an area of water, a lake of some sort or a beach. I feel like this person possibly gets high n drunk and watches tarot. Again this person feels like they are doing the world a favor. Could be near a school or the there is some kind if water near this school. I wish the police would keep looking for him. The person whom hes with might live near a school and water or playground area. I just hope he is found🙏🙏🙏

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