Authorities Search For 6-Year-Old Involved In Pizza Gift Card Scam


Authorities are searching for a boy, around six years old, who they believe is at the center of a pizza scam. He is said to have sold fake gift cards as a fundraiser for his baseball team.

Authorities in Troy, Illinois, have stated that numerous people have come forward to say that they were sold fake “buy one, get one free,” Dominoes Pizza gift cards.

They were being sold by a person described as a “juvenile white male, about six years old, who was last described as wearing a dirty pink baseball uniform, with a southern accent. He has been seen alongside an adult while pretending to be raising money for a fundraiser.

Police in Troy have concerns about the boy’s well-being and have requested that the public contact them if they see the juvenile.

They have also urged the public to call fundraiser businesses to check if gift cards are real prior to buying them.


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