Baby Of Murdered Teen Marlen Ochoa- Lopez Dies


The baby boy cut from slain missing teen Marlen Ochoa- Lopez died early Friday morning.
According to reports Yovani Yadiel Lopez died Friday morning at Christ Hospital in Chicago after being on life support for weeks.
The mother Marlen,19 was 9 months pregnant when Clarissa Figueroa,46 and her daughter Desiree Figueroa,24 lured the young teen to their home by offering her free baby clothes.
Once at the home both mother and daughter strangled Marlen before cutting her unborn child from her womb.
The mother and daughter were charged with first degree murder for the slain teen a few weeks after her body was found in a trash can a few miles from her home.
Piotr Bobak,40 the boyfriend of Clarissa has also been charged with helping cover up the murder. He has hired an attorney.

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