Bill Gates Daughter Receives Backlash After Posting Picture Of New Boo On Social Media


Topics about interracial and inter-class dating have increased on social media.  This comes after Bill Gates’ daughter, Phoebe Gates, is said to be dating a Black man.

The rumors began when 19-year-old Phoebe uploaded a picture of herself and a man on her Instagram page on July 6. The picture depicts the man kissing Phoebe on the cheek. Two red heart emojis followed.

Even though it isn’t known if the couple is truly dating or who the man is, people on social media are assuming that the young man has hit it big.

Bill Gates is the second wealthiest man in America as he is worth more than $124 billion.

Many users have found the couple humorous. “Get the bag! Get the f—- bag,” one person wrote.

“Bill Gates bout to make a whole new virus just to end this relationship. Who would’ve thought that with the ongoing climate crisis Bill Gates’ daughter would partake in smoking coal,” someone else commented.

Others wrote about the craziness of some of the responses.

Last month, the college student gained attention after posting a picture in a bikini as an element of a pro-choice campaign.


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