Black Newspaper Carrier Files $5 Million Lawsuit After False Death Threat Allegations


Sedrick Altheimer, a black newspaper carrier, filed a $5 million legal claim against Pierce County, Washington.

He said he was delivering newspapers in Tacoma, around 2am, when he noticed someone following him. He stated that the person was in an unmarked SUV. He stopped and questioned the driver, later known to be Sheriff Ed Troyer.

Altheimer claims the officer called him several names. He asked the sheriff if he was being watched because he was black. He says the officer said he wasn’t racist, and that his wife is black.

The officer called for backup, claiming the man was threatening to kill him. 40 police units arrived on scene. They took him out of his car at gunpoint and searched him for weapons, while he told them he was just working.

The sheriff admitted and body camera recordings show that no weapons were seen and no threat was made toward the officer.


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