Black Woman Allegedly Assaulted By White Couple At Daycare


Azia Taylor, who is Black, was leaving Tutor Time School in Tinley Park, Illinois, on November 17. She says White parents of another child attacked her.

Beatriz Luna-Delgado didn’t want Taylor striking her car door as Taylor was putting her child in a vehicle. Taylor carefully eased the door open, trying not to hit the woman’s car.

“It’s not on purpose. It’s raining, and I have a baby in my arms,” Taylor replied.

Delgado proceeded to spit out racial slurs and hit Taylor. As they fought, the woman’s husband, David O’Donnell, hit Taylor in the face, slammed her head against her car, and called her a racial slur.

They took Taylor’s keys and wouldn’t permit her to gain access to her baby, Taylor says.

School officials watched and called authorities. When police arrived, they stood close by the couple as they gave their side of the story.

Citations were issued when Taylor requested to press charges against the couple. Furthermore, it was said that both children aren’t allowed to attend the daycare anymore.

Taylor is calling for justice.


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