Boat’s Co-Captain Has Now Been Charged In Riverfront Brawl


Damien Pickett, a boat’s co-captain who was supposedly a part of the viral fight at Montgomery’s river front, is now facing charges.

Reports indicate that Pickett has been charged with third-degree assault.

The charge is in connection to a riverfront fight that happened back in August. It is said to have started from a disagreement about a boat’s docking space.

At first, five people had been charged in the occurrence.

A new complaint shows that one of the first defendants, Zachary Shipman, stated that he wasn’t attempting to fight and was only protecting himself against Pickett.

Pickett hasn’t entered a plea as of yet.

Two of the first five defendants Mary Todd and Richard Roberts have pled guilty.

The three other defendants, Shipman, Allen Todd, and Reggie Ray will all stand trial in the upcoming weeks.


  1. This is sickening! This man clearly was defending himself but they wanted to pick he particularly , thank God it’s on video, taking him through this might mare all over again he will get justice, I mean tge guy jumped up and kicked him, what was he supposed to do ( defend himself) A good attorney that he should have to afford will have this mess thrown out. Come on civil rights leaders step up

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