Body Cam Captures Violent Arrest In Colorado


Kyle Vincent was apprehended for warrants in Aurora, Colorado on Friday. When his  accomplices fled, Officer John Haubert was recorded pointing a gun at Kyle. Kyle laid on the ground and even showed his hands where they were visible.

The officer then began to strike Kyle 7 times with his pistol. Then, the officer grabbed Vincent by the neck for close to 40 seconds. During the incident, Vincent can be heard repeating, “You’re killing me.” He needed 6 stitches in his head.

Th police chief called what she saw on camera,” a despicable act.” She went even further and proclaiming it a criminal act. She ordered an internal investigation immediately.

Officer Haubert was put on non-paid administrative leave. He faces charges of second-degree assault and attempted first-degree assault. Officer Francine Martinez, who was at the location ,too, faces failure to intervene and failure to report use of force. She is on paid leave.



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