Body Cam Footage Shows Officer Fatally Shooting Man Who Charged At Him With A Hatchet


On Tuesday, the Naperville, Illinois, police department revealed body cam footage showing a fatal shooting. It involved a man who was holding a hatchet.

Police say that on June 3, an officer, a 22-year veteran, was performing a traffic stop, close to 11 a.m., near Bond St. and McDowell Rd. Authorities say that 10 minutes after that, another car arrived to the location. Then, the driver, Edward Samaan, 28, exited the vehicle with a hatchet in his hand.

A released body cam recording captured six shots being fired as Samaan hops out of the vehicle and charges toward the officer.

“I’ve been attacked, shots fired, shots fired. Don’t move, don’t move. Send a medic,” the officer can be heard yelling.

It isn’t known how many times Samaan was shot, but other officers arrived to the location in less than 3 minutes.

Paramedics assisted the suspect when they arrived and took him to a hospital where he was later declared deceased.

The officer was unharmed in the incident.

Naperville police uploaded a summary of the shooting and parts of the department’s video to their YouTube page.

An investigation into the officer’s use of force is continuing.


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