Body Cam Footage Shows Officers Firing More Than 60 Rounds at Jayland Walker As He Ran Away


On Monday, a Black man, Jayland Walker, 25, was killed. Police shot him at least 60 times. This came as he fled from them during a traffic stop, in Akron, Ohio, the family’s attorney has stated. He added that the body cam footage has been reviewed.

On Tuesday, the Akron Police Department said that they tried to pull Walker over, close to 12:30 a.m. But, he wouldn’t stop. Police say that he eventually slowed down but ran from his vehicle as it was still moving.

The department added that Walker had run to a parking lot. Then, “actions by the suspect caused the officers to perceive he posed a threat to them.” Walker was shot by officers and medical assistance arrived on scene. However, he was declared deceased.

The lawyer for Walker’s family, Bobby DiCello, says that he has looked at the body cam recording. He says it doesn’t seem as if Walker gestured toward the officers in a threatening manner. He stated it looks at though officers began firing at Walker as he was running away. Nothing was in his hands.

The officers haven’t been identified. However, the department has said that they had been placed on paid administrative leave.

The police department said that officers said that Walker had fired a gun from his vehicle when they were pursuing him. However, DiCello doesn’t think that is accurate. He said that Walker’s back window was still in tact. So, he couldn’t have shot directly backward.

DiCello also noted that he talked to the city’s police chief. The chief didn’t see anything that Walker did that would prompt officers to be in fear of their life. The chief said officers tried to use stun guns on Walker before they fired their weapons.

The attorney disclosed that when running after Walker, officers shot him within a few seconds. The investigation indicates that Walker sustained 60 to 80 gunshot wounds.

When reviewing the body cam footage, DiCello says that it was “very, very disturbing.”

The Ohio Bureau of Investigations will assist the department with the continued investigation.


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