Bodycam Footage Shows Officers Being Ambushed By Armed Suspect Hiding Underneath Mattress


In November, three Oklahoma City Police officers were in a trailer looking for a burglary suspect from Missouri. They then found something that could have cost them their lives.

Authorities were looking for Timothy Jackson, 38, inside of the trailer on November 15, around 10:15 a.m. They then discovered him hiding in a storage area below a bed.

“Shots fired! Shots fired!” an officer could be heard screaming in a recording.

Footage shows Johnson holding a firearm, aiming it right at officers.

“Come out with your hands up!” another officer is heard screaming.

Two officers swiftly took cover, but one was stuck on the opposite end of the trailer. The suspect shot the firearm again, and officers shot back into the bed. An officer is then seen going backwards as he was struck with debris.

“I’m hit. I’m hit. We’re stuck inside of the trailer. I’m hit in the face,” an officer is heard saying.

Authorities were able to get out of the trailer and waited for a tactical team to arrive on scene. After five hours, officers went inside of the trailer and discovered Johnson dead from the shots that were exchanged.

The officer who was shot was treated and placed in the hospital for a short time as his injuries were non-life threatening.

The owner of the trailer, Jennifer Garner, was apprehended for harboring a fugitive after knowing that the suspect had a gun when giving police permission to conduct a search of the premises.



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