Brave Grandmother Died Trying to Save Drowning Granddaughter


The heroic grandmother who attempted to save her drowning granddaughter died on Saturday.

Stephanie Walker, 49, and 13 year old granddaughter, Makayla Prather went fishing in a Georgia lake, West Point Lake, on June 11.

Somehow Prather fell into the water and began to drown. Walker attempted to rescue Prather, but Walker could not swim.

An adult was with the two victims prior to the incident and when they returned, saw Walkers body. The individual immediately phoned for help.

First responders found Walker unresponsive and rushed her to the hospital. They were unable to find Prather at first, so they called Columbus Fire and Rescue.

Five hours later, Prathers body was recovered.

The hospital kept Walker on life support for a week. She died on Saturday.

Walker’s son, Rodrikeus Prather, called her ‘a true hero’.


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