Brett Favre Interviewed By The FBI In Connection To $70 Million Welfare Fund Scandal


As a component of an on-going investigation into a $70 million welfare fund scandal, in Mississippi, Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre was interviewed by the FBI.

The FBI is analyzing the dispersal of $70 million in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) money. This comes after an audit found money was used for ex-athletes, a volleyball complex, and a horse farm.

In 2021, Favre gave the state of Mississippi back $600,000 after it was uncovered that he had gotten $1.1 million in welfare funds. This was for appearances that he is said to not have actually folIowed through with. Although he paid that amount before, the state auditor says that he still owes $228,000 because of interest.

Favre isn’t facing any criminal charges, but the 52-year-old was interviewed by the FBI about the funds he obtained and what he was aware of at that time.

His lawyer has said that Favre hasn’t done any wrong in the federal matter. He says Favre didn’t know that the money came from welfare funds.

Initially, U.S. Attorney Brad Pigott, had submitted subpoenas to find out more details about the supposed violation of welfare fund usage. But, he was terminated by the state in July, calling it a politically- motivated decision.

Pigott had said that Favre was one of 37 people who had gotten money from the state of Mississippi. However, he didn’t make it clear that state officials are the primary ones responsible for the welfare fund scandal.

Text messages uncovered in April show that Favre wanted a $3.2 million grant from the state to help manage a drug company. He had been one of the shareholders.

Favre also requested $5 million that was later used to construct a volleyball arena at the University of Southern Mississippi. This is his alma mater and where his daughter was a volleyball player.

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