Brother Fights With Sister, Knocking Mother’s Casket Over During Funeral


During a funeral service in Richmond, California, a huge fight occurred, involving a brother and sister. It resulted in their mother’s casket being knocked over and an apprehension.

The Richmond Police Department noted that the incident happened, on Saturday, at Rolling Hills Memorial Park.

Authorities say that during the fight, the sister’s boyfriend intervened which escalated the situation.

The brother then entered his vehicle and tried to hit his sister but missed. On the other hand, he hit another woman and made the mother’s casket fall over. It was documented that the body did not fall out.

The woman who was hit suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The brother also drove in grass and gravestones, which led to a water main break. In the end, the water flooded the plot that belonged to the funeral director’s mother.

To add, a funeral attendee hit the 36-year-old brother with a cane once he exited his vehicle in order to ‘get him under control.’

The brother received medical attention for a wound he suffered during the physical altercation and was then apprehended.

The park estimated that the total amount of damages is about $20,000. The manager noted that the cemetery will be paying for all repairs.

It was also reported that one relative brought a stun gun to the services because of a long history of problems within the family.


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