Brothers Take Over $1 Million From Armored Truck At Gunpoint


Two brothers have been charged in federal court with robbing over $1 million from an armored truck and automated teller machine. It occured in a suburb of Chicago on Halloween.

21-year-old Corrie Singleton, 18-year-old Darrell Singleton, and a minor are facing charges of robbery, bank larceny by assault, and firearm offenses.

The indictment noted that a Brink’s security courier was putting money in an ATM. This was at a Chase bank branch on Torrence  Ave., in Lansing, on October 31.

The three are said to have taken out firearms and stole a gun and a bag of money from the courier and money from the ATM.

Prosecutors say that the robbers then pulled the courier into the armored vehicle and made her use her fingerprints to gain access to its inside compartments. There, money that was inside of colored, plastic bags were taken.

It is alleged that $121,824 from the courier and ATM was taken and $904,132 was stolen from the armored truck.

When the robbery was over, the thieves left the scene in a white Dodge Charger as police chased them. Officers tried to pull the car over prior to it hitting another vehicle. However, the suspects jumped out and ran away.

Corrie Singleton and the juvenile were caught and apprehended. Most of the stolen funds were found in the car. Authorities are still searching for Darrell Singleton.

After Corrie Singleton was in custody, he was taken back to the bank. The courier positively identified him by his attire.

Corrie Singleton will be arraigned on December 15 in federal court. The minor is facing state charges.


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