Burger King Worker Shoots Customer And Self In Drive-Thru After Argument


A worker at a Burger King in Gulfport, Mississippi, has been apprehended for shooting a customer in the drive-thru lane on Thursday evening.

Authorities arrested Eddie Smith, 33, and charged him with one count of aggravated assault and one count of possession of a weapon after a felony conviction.

On Thursday night, officers were helping a stranded driver close to Middle Drive and Highway 49 when they were informed of an situation happening at a nearby Burger King.

As they were arriving to the location, they heard two gunshots. They then observed Smith on top of someone.

While investigating, authorities learned that Smith had gotten into a disagreement with someone through the intercom speaker of the drive-thru. Smith, who works at the business, had gone out through a back door. The victim had gotten out of his car, and a physical altercation started.

During that time, Smith pulled out a gun and fired twice. One of the bullets struck the victim, and the other struck Smith’s own hand.

Smith and the victim were both taken to a medical facility for treatment. The victim was said to be in stable condition.

After being treated, Smith was taken back to the Gulfport Police Department where it was found that he is a convicted felon. Smith was then taken to the Harrison County Adult Detention Center where his bail was set at $300,000.



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