Carrollton Couple Said To Be Responsible For Multiple Fentanyl-Related Overdoses And Deaths Of Students


A couple from Carrollton, Texas, is facing federal charges after multiple student overdoses and deaths.

Detectives say that Luis Navarrete and Magaly Cano were the leads of a fentanyl operation. It lead to the deaths and overdoses of 10 students, high and middle schoolers.

Court records show that in January, federal investigators began watching Navarrete and Cano’s residence, close to R.L. Turner High School.

Detectives say that they were selling counterfeit OxyContin and Percocet laced with fentanyl. They added that they got 8 students that were aged 14 to 16 to deliver the drugs to other students.

Now, police have connected the couple to overdoses related to nine students as young as 13.

“…Even if you thought you were getting OxyCodone or HydroCodone…but also it’s in the Xanax. It’s in what you think is Klonopin…the meth..the crack. It’s in the powder cocaine, and it’s in the marijuana,” stated clinical officer Julie Pittman.

She said that this leads to drugs being more addictive and unsafe. As overdoses are on the rise in our neighborhoods, Pittman says people need to know that ” the treatment for opioid overdoses is oxygen. So, mouth to mouth-they just need oxygen until EMS gets there.”

She added that providing Narcan is also a good idea.

In relation to Navarrete and Cano, they are said to have conspired to distribute fentanyl. On Monday, they appeared in court for the first time. If they are found guilty, they could receive up to 20 years in federal prison.



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