Cartel Leader, Dairo Antonio Usuga David, Extradited To U.S., Faces Drug Charges


Dairo Antonio Usuga David is said to be the head of the drug trafficking group, Gulf Clan. He was the most wanted drug lord before he was apprehended.

On Wednesday, Columbia extradited Usuga David to the United States where he has been indicted in three federal courts.

“He is not only the most dangerous drug trafficker in the world. He is a murderer of social leaders, abuser of boys. [Usuga David] is a murderer of girls, and adolescents, a murderer of policemen,” stated Columbian President Ivan Duque.

Duque praised Columbian military leaders who watched Usuga David and caught him in October 2021.

He had been captured in a discreet location in an operation that entailed hundreds of military soldiers. The U.S. had put out a $5 million bounty for his head.

In 2009, Usuga David was first indicted in a Manhattan court. This was for charges of narcotics and helping a far-right paramilitary group, deemed to be terrorists by the U.S. government. He is also accused of importing 73 metric tons of cocaine into the U.S. between 2003 and 2014.

The Gulf Clan’s army caused havoc over most of northern Columbia. This was done in order to dominate essential cocaine smuggling paths. This was from jungles north to Central America and onto the U.S.

There are also several horror stories of the many underage age girls that he and his associates are accused of sexually abusing.


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