Charges Filed Against Sheriff Who Filed A False Police Report On A Newspaper Carrier


Sedrick Altheimer, a Black newspaper carrier, was involved in a confrontation with Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer, in 2021, in Tacoma, Washington.

Altheimer thinks that the sheriff’s actions violated his civil rights, and he could have died. Troyer was eventually charged with misdemeanors.

On January 27, 2021, Troyer called a law enforcement line and stated that he “caught” Altheimer in his driveway, and “he just threatened to kill me.”

Troyer has been charged with false reporting and making a false or misleading statement to a public servant. In October 2021, he pleaded not guilty. His trial is this month.

Altheimer stated that he has worked the same route for 8 years, in the mostly white neighborhood in Tacoma.

He stated that the incident began when he observed headlights from a car that he believed was following him. He then exited his vehicle to question the driver.

“Are you a cop? Are you following me? And is it because I am Black?” he asked the driver.

Troyer responded by telling Altheimer that he was a police officer, his wife is Black, and that Altheimer was being a “porch pirate.”

A few minutes later, Troyer dialed the backchannel to 911, telling dispatch that he had been threatened.

“He’s in some sort of gray car. It was in my driveway, and he knows who I am. He threatened to kill me.

When asked if Altheimer had a gun, Troyer stated that he didn’t know and that the man had attempted to get into his garage.

As 40 officers were initially arriving to the scene, Troyer told dispatch that Altheimer had him blocked in.

When 14 officers finally got to the location, they demanded that Altheimer get out of the car as they searched him and his vehicle.

“I’m gonna be 100% honest. The reason there’s so many cops here is because he’s the sheriff,” an officer was overheard saying on body cam footage.

Troyer later took back his statement that Altheimer had threatened him.

Altheimer’s lawyer says that the incident screams racism. Troyer has denied any wrongdoing.

Altheimer says that his life has now been changed. “I’m quiet, I can’t sleep. I don’t like to sleep because of the fact that I know that I could have been dead.”

However,  he has continued to work his route. “There’s a bond, you know. I got ties, relationships… these people know my kids.”

If he is found guilty of the charges, Troyer could receive a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.



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