Child Seen Handling Raw Chicken At Texas Popeyes


A customer witnesses an 8 or 9 year old boy working in the kitchen of a Texas Popeyes store.
According to the customer the incident took place on November 3 at a Popeyes in the Colony, which is a suburb outside of Dallas, when he said he saw the child handling raw chicken and handing it to another worker to cook.
The customer said the Popeyes was very short staffed with a line out the door and apparently one of the workers had their kids help them with the crowd.
So he quickly grabbed a few photos and video of the young boy working before leaving the store.
Popeyes staff immediately released a statement saying “We took swift action to explore this claim with the franchise. The restaurant owner terminated the employee who brought their child, a minor, into the kitchen and will fully cooperate with any additional investigations in compliance with state and federal laws.
The safety of our guests and team is always a priority for us and we take any actions that are outside of our brand and operational standards very seriously.”


  1. Tabitha Garrett She’s out of a job because these days people do not mind their own business, and is quick to use their cell phone cameras to mind other people’s business!

    The store has a Manager who would have given permission for the Child to go to the back of the house to assist! He’s washing chicken, something my children were helping out with at home at his age.

    In my day, this was called “It takes a Village to raise a child.”
    This child was learning a skill. He was not running the streets selling drugs, or stealing, or shooting up a school!
    Rather than ask why the child was there, this camera happy person decided it was their right to make this public, costing this mother who was working to take care of her family lose her job.
    No one asked if it was “Take your kid to work day,” Even if it was not, the child was in a safe environment, around many adults.

    My love for cooking came from my mother takung me ro work with her, and beung in the kitchen, I was 8yrs old. I was not burned, or got any diseases. As a mater, it made me aware of germs, and the proper way of handling food. Furthermore, some Restauant owners have their children, around the same age of tgis child helping out in the kitchen., at the Counters, or in the Deli.

    Frankly, people need to mind their own business. This parent knew exactly where her child was, while so many do not!

    For those saying this was inappropriate, wrong etc, I hope you are not leaving YOUR kids alone at home to fend for themselves at his age. Also, check the statistics on “Latch Key Kids,” where children his age are left alone at home to fend for themselves, as well as Siblings.

    The moral of the story, if you see a need “Fill It,” if this person was so concerned, ask if she could sit with the child until mom get off work, but of course not, that would have been too humane, and not got them the satisfaction of getting this mother fired! Good Job, I hope you are proud of your meddling action!! Merry Christmas to you!


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