Children Bunking in CPS Offices Banned Under New Texas Law


The Texas Department of Family Health Services noted kids in state custody have been sleeping in Child Protective Service’s offices. It is more than 300 children. Although this has to change, people are wondering where the children will be redirected to.

Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a new law that bans kids from bunking in CPS offices.

Dallas CASA president and CEO Kathleen Lavalle stated that COVID-19 caused many foster families to decline placements. Eight residential treatment centers also shut down in Texas.

Lavalle reported that many of the kids affected are teenagers with behavioral challenges because of unpleasant childhood events or trauma. The new law does not mention that kids have to be placed. Therefore, children may soon begin to be looked after at hotels and motels.

She said that shortly, the Dallas metroplex will change to privatization. However, the problem is still finding a provider in this large city.


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