“Chris Chan” Arrested After Saying She Had Relations With Her Mom


Christine Weston Chandler, “Chris Chan,” has been apprehended.

Chandler is one of the most cataloged people online in the dark parts of the internet. Many people have hacked into her account and have posted private things.

Chandler is known for her wild post and creating the Sonichu character which is a popular meme. Chandler has 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube and Twitter accounts.

Additionally, Chandler has searched in odd ways to find a mate. Trolls have followed her for years, pretending to be her girlfriend and having her do crazy things online.

Now, Chandler says she is in a polyamorous relationship with her characters she has created.

On July 30th, on a phone call, that was recorded and said to be Chandler, she can be heard saying she had relations with her mother, Barbara.

On August 1, she was arrested at a hotel and charged with incest. Her apprehension was live-streamed on Youtube.


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