City Of Keller Agrees To Pay $200,000 To Father Pepper Sprayed In The Face And Then Arrested By Keller Police While Filming Sons Arrest


Keller police have agreed to pay a father $200,000 after he was arrested for filming his sons arrest back in August.
According g to reports the incident took place on August 15 when Marco Puente’s son Dillon was pulled over by Sgt. Blake Shimanek for making a wide right turn.
His son called his father who came to the scene and began filming from across the street.
The officer then called on another officer who pepper sprayed and then arrested Puente.
After Keller PD reviewed the body cam footage the charges were immediately dropped and Sgt Shimanek was demoted to officer.
Puente’s filed a lawsuit in a Ft. Worth federal court against both officers alleging excessive force and illegal arrest.
The attorney for the family, Scott Palmer, said Sunday that both parties agreed to settle the lawsuit during a mediation session on Friday when the city agreed to pay $200,000.
Keller’s mayor confirmed that the mediation did take place and they are now just waiting for both parties to sign the agreement.
Once the agreement is signed Keller’s mayor Armin Mizani said more information would be released.


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