College Student Falls 11 Stories To Her Death


19 year-old Justine Gross, a sophomore at Penn State, dropped 11 stories and died in a trash chute at her apartment complex. She allegedly had bad side effects to a “smoke.”

Justine’s body was located last week when trash was being dumped at a landfill in Pennsylvania.

A man, possibly a student, told Justine’s mother that her daughter sprinted to the top floor and leaped into the chute after taking in the unnamed drug.

Authorities believe that her death was an accident.

Her mother doesn’t buy it, stating her daughter sent a message on Snapchat to a friend. She said, “Something just happened,” right before the fall.

A video shows Justine leaving her apartment on the 10th floor to see a man on the seventh floor. She walks unbalanced afterwards and heads to the 11th floor, never going back to her apartment.

Her mother believes that Justine was chased and thought the chute was a stairwell.

The man was interviewed by authorities twice and now has a lawyer.


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