Colorado Newborn Baby’s Face is Slashed During C-Section


A family in Denver is devastated. Their newborn baby’s face was lacerated after an emergency cesarean section.

“It’s upsetting. She’s not comfortable,” the father, Damarqus Williams said.

Initially, Kyanni Williams arrived in the world last week at Denver Health. First,  it was supposed to be a natural  birth. Then, the baby made an abrupt move and the heartbeat couldn’t be located. Therefore, an emergency c- section was performed.

After the baby was delivered, there was an enormous cut on her cheek. Then, she needed 13 stitches. “They said her face was close to the placenta wall,” the father stated.

Furthermore, experts in the medical field noted that cuts during a c-section are not very common.

So, “They have to be held accountable for what they did,” grandmother Tashaira Williams declared.

A partial statement from Denver Health reads,”… the safety and well-being of our patients is our number one priority. ”



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