Cop Caught Using Racial Slur On Her Own Body Cam


Officer Rose Valentino is a police officer from Cincinnati, Ohio. She was once seen on a reality show that depicted women in law enforcement. Now, she has been taken off of the streets. This comes after her own body cam recording captured her using a racial slur.

Officer Valentino was often featured on the TLC series “Police Women of Cincinnati.” During a recent internal investigation, it was discovered that on April 5, she used a racial slur while in her squad car.

“F—-ing [n-word], I f—-ing hate them!” Valentino is heard saying on the recording as she hit the steering wheel.

A report noted that Valentino stated that she was frustrated. This was because of the amount of cars that had accumulated while trying to pick up students at a high school. The vehicles hadn’t moved when she turned on her lights and sirens.

The report added that Valentino became more angry after a Black student walked by her vehicle. He had given her “the middle finger.”

“This is a hard job. I was getting to the point where I was really being affected by it. I have been on for fourteen years,” Valentino told detectives as documented in the report.

She told investigators that she doesn’t normally use racial slurs. Valentino also expressed that she would be willing to get treatment to help with the stress of the job.

“To have that agitation, that aggressiveness, that anger, to be triggered like that. It shouldn’t be that easy to be triggered,” stated the Cincinnati NAACP President.

For now, Valentino has been placed on desk duty. She isn’t allowed to be on the streets while wearing her uniform, badge, or carrying a weapon.



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